Hermes, the Greek God of Communication (Image Courtesy of Google).

Hermes, the Greek God of Communication (Image Courtesy of Google).

Mercury is connected to communication, analysis and raw brain power. Mercury has a very opportunistic energy: controlling how you engage in deductive reasoning. Mercury also represents coordination: how we group, separate, categorize and interpret information. Additionally, the zodiac sign our Mercury is positioned in also influences mental coordination and the way we express thoughts in conversation. Those with prominent Mercury in their natal chart are often quick witted and extremely intelligent. This planet serves to connect humans with one another. In the natural sciences, scientists observed that the element Mercury can bind to gold. Alchemists and astrologers believe that symbolically, the planet Mercury works best with the Sun: allowing our true self (Sun) to be expressed (Mercury) in a way that fits each of us perfectly.  [Mercury is the planetary ruler for both Gemini and Virgo, meaning those people whose Sun sign and/or Mercury sign is in Gemini or Virgo are a bit more analytical than other zodiacs]

**Mercury in Fire Signs: Those who have their Mercury positioned in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius are gregarious and lively debaters! They may use erratic hand gestures to convey their impassioned values. They need to connect their conversations to an action of some kind. These individuals thrive on taking the reins in conversations, often saying “I’ll let you finish…but let me just say…” Sometimes their overwhelming presence can make timid conversationalists back further into their shells. Holding tongues is not a quality of anyone with Mercury in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. Foot in the mouth syndrome? You can usually apply it to these folks: thinking before speaking is limited because they are so fervid about their beliefs. Mercury Fire signs don’t mind lectures but need some sort of hands on activity to reinforce the lesson. Confident and overbearing, these people are larger than life! A Mercury in Aries individual believes many of their opinions are “fact” and even when proved wrong, it is very difficult for them to gracefully bow out. They’ll STILL have to point out each time they were right. Mercurian Leos do not mind being the story teller, the joker, or another variation. These folk believe it natural that they guide or direct the discussion—-and if too many people disagree with their position, then the conversation is pretty much over. Don’t be surprised if a Mercurian Sagittarius reaches out to touch your shoulder or rub your arm as they verbally interact with you. Remember, Fire signs are physical ! Naturally, all three possess larger than life visions. Ardent, assertive and occasionally aggressive, Mercury Fire signs must be careful not to dominate the stage. Their grandiose conversation style can lead them to tell lies and embellish facts, if only to make a story more appealing.

**Mercury in Earth Signs: Those who have their Mercury positioned in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn are very slow to process things. If they feel the information you are giving them is useless or boring, don’t expect them to pay attention. These people look for practical applications to the knowledge that they learn. They need time to digest information before responding because they need to be sure that the lesson is worth taking in. Mercury in Earth types are quiet in conversations—usually because they are observing how everyone else is communicating with one another. At times, they can be exacting and perfectionists: organizing each notecard so that they don’t skip any important points during their conference or presentation. These people have very specific routines for researching and then expressing information. “Stubborn” Taurus, “Hypercritical” Virgo and “Stoic” Capricorn must learn to let loose and relax in conversation: everything doesn’t have to be prim and proper all the time. They are sometimes mischaracterized as “anal retentive”, when in actuality, they just want to be as clear and concise as possible.

**Mercury in Air Signs: Those who have their Mercury in Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius are fascinated with the social sciences. These are the day dreamers, abstract thinkers and mediators of the zodiac. If you have Mercury in an Air sign, you thrive on diplomacy and tact in conversations.  Instead of heated arguments, temper tantrums or blow ups, these folk offer a simulated and keep it moving. “Chatterbox” Gemini is juxtaposed against “Fence Sitting” Libra and “Head Always In The Clouds” Aquarius.  Debates with these three are often done on their terms—or not at all. All three fight for justice and balance in conversations: if you refuse to follow “respectful debate rules” then they may attempt to silence you with sarcasm.  Mercury in Air types must be careful not to appear cognizant but aloof. Others may consider them ice cold in arguments: they rarely show emotion, merely thinking of ways to counter-argue their opponents point.

**Mercury in Water Signs: Those who have Mercury in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces are intuitive conversationalists. They judge the direction of a conversation based on how things make them feel: if those involved make them feel uncomfortable, they may shut down entirely. When this happens, you won’t hear a peep out of them: they may quietly sulk in a corner until they feel differently.  If something doesn’t “feel right”, these Water folk will be quick to recognize it but slow to address it: worried about what the backlash may be. These types are the most secretive of all the zodiacs—in order to get information out of them, you must be ready to tie them down and pull teeth!  “Daydreamy” Pisces, “Crabby” Cancer and “Possessive” Scorpio have perfected the art of passive-aggressiveness in debates. Their interactions in conversation depend heavily on the vibe or aura they detect from all involved. Mercury in Water people must be careful not to lash out just because they are losing a debate, you guys cannot be right 100% of the time.