March 31, 2017: Mercury in Taurus and Mercury Retrograde


On Friday March 31st, the planet Mercury left Aries and entered Taurus. In this position, Mercury is realistic and sensible. Taurus is one of the “home signs” of Venus. Astrologers associate the Bull with the arts, music, luxury, sophistication, and all things related to “culture.” Naturally, with Mercury in Taurus, we may be inclined to explore, research and discuss these subject matters. Taurus also governs financial and material security –thanks to its Earth quality. It is often said that Taureans find money where there is none and have an innate ability to expand what they have. Those individuals with a natal Mercury in Taurus seemingly talk themselves into money, just as easily as they can talk themselves out of it. While Mercury hovers here, our thoughts turn to new ways to make money, save money and spend money on possessions that provide us with luxury comfort.


As an Earth sign, Taurus is remarkably down-to-earth: the mind focuses intently on things that are concrete, tangible and verifiable. Earth Mercury signs tend not to be preoccupied with abstract possibilities, but evidenced reality. Like Virgo and Capricorn, Taurus prefers facts and figures over theories and speculation: making them formidable opponents when it comes to taking care of business. Of all three Earth signs, Taurus is the most social. The agreeableness of Taurus makes Mercury in the Bull an easy one to talk to . Taureans understand the necessity of small talk and revel in their ability to socialize with just about anyone. This Earth sign also finds beauty in the small things, drawing them towards writing poetry, fiction, or screenplays– even song writing falls in this category.

Taurus is also a Fixed sign. This modality is steadfast, decisive, with a great deal of perseverance. Fixed signs are infamously stubborn : once a Mercury in Fixed Taurus has made up their mind, few things will dissuade them from following through on their plans. Positively, Mercury in this sign draws out the tenacity in all of us: forcing us to finish the plans that we start. Under Cardinal Aries, our minds were buzzing with new ideas to implement; now, we have the opportunity to expand those thoughts and plant the seeds to actualize them. Fixed Mercury signs possess amazing powers of concentration: this tunnel vision can often lead to them missing the proverbial forest for the trees.

The Fixed-Earth combination of Mercury in Taurus encourages us to be deliberate in our thoughts and speech and patient in our listening. Sticking to our guns instead of being open to the perspectives of others colors the mood of this transit. Ultimately, Taurus is a cautious yet persistent sign.

Those with a natal Sun and/or Mercury in Taurus or Scorpio benefit immensely from this astral change.




Mercury in Taurus Rx

On Sunday April 9th, Mercury in Taurus moves into a retrograde position. When a planet retrogrades, it appears to be moving backward in the sky. Symbolically, it signals a “going back over” of the area that the planet rules. Because Mercury governs communication, learning and transportation, you can expect for these areas of your life to be impacted. This is not a period to make hasty decisions because you will deeply regret the outcome when the retrograde passes. Breakdowns in technology (i.e software issues, laptop crashes, car accidents, etc.) are to be expected. Additionally, miscommunications, misunderstandings and misinformation increases tenfold for the remainder of April. YES, MERCURY WILL BE RETROGRADE FOR THE REST OF THIS MONTH. Signing agreements, scheduling important interviews/meetings, or anything similar should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. You may not completely understand the parameters or consequences of the decisions made during this time. Instead of projecting, now is a time for reflection and introspection. Check and double check everything before sending it; think and rethink everything before saying it; read and reread everything before signing it. Mercury will leave Taurus and reenter Aries on Thursday April 20th (all while still retrograde).


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