Feb. 3rd-April 2nd: Venus in Aries ; Venus in Aries Rx

On Saturday March 4th, Venus in Aries drifted into a retrograde phase. In Aries, Venus is energetic, free and strong-willed. This Fire sign encourages us to be bold, dynamic and spontaneous in our love partnerships. The thrill of the hunt invigorates the Ram: influencing us to be fearless with our crushes/lovers/spouses. If you are interested in someone, now is the perfect time to make it known! Venus in Aries, however, can also push us to be a bit more forceful and abrasive to get what we want from a mate if we aren’t careful. Fire signs are outwardly expressive, passionate and social signs: if we don’t have Fire placements in our natal chart, this transition assists us in adopting these traits at least temporarily.

As a Cardinal sign, Aries loves to be in charge and take initiative. In fact, those with a Venus in Aries in their natal chart intimately understand the impulse to chase what you want. Cardinals are opportunistic, ambitious and restless. This can sometimes translate into bouncing from one partnership to another when boredom sets in—instead of taking time to work through problem spots and uncomfortable periods in the relationship. Starting new relationships is rather exciting to Aries; thus, under this transit, I imagine new unions will crop up like daisies in a field. Staying active is a hallmark of Cardinal signs: finding fun, interesting and random things to engage in with a partner occurs much more easily now.

The combination of Fire and Cardinal for Aries encourages a “me first” attitude. We selfishly pursue our own relationship needs–not entirely focusing on the wants and desires of current partners or potential partners. Bossiness can rear its ugly head here if we aren’t careful when we are overly enthused about having our way. The biggest challenge is refraining from impulsive, poorly thought out actions in our partnerships. Positively, ultimately, Venus in Aries means we approach relationships with a  generally pleasant and optimistic disposition: playful, flirtatious, and high-spirited love energy floats around now.



Venus in Aries Rx

Venus has been in Aries since Friday February 3rd. On Saturday March 4th, however, the planet moved into a retrograde position. In astronomy, retrograde planets appear to be moving backward in the sky; astrologically, retrograde periods symbolize a “going back over” of the area the planet governs. In this case, Venus governs romance: what we value in relationships and how we tend to behave in relationships. With Venus retrograde, taking breaks from relationships feels most natural now. Perhaps this is a time to reevaluate the things you want in a relationship and whether or not you’ve been working in the right direction to actualize these needs. The next few weeks provide you with an opportunity to take a step back and reshape your life in the love department. This could mean finally putting your feelings out there with someone or withdrawing from something that has been unhealthy for you. Analyzing the worth and value people inject into your life is very important. This is also a time to analyze whether someone else is valuing your worth and whether or not you need to extricate yourself from dead-end relationships.

Past partnerships and old lovers may reappear in your life: looking to rekindle previously dampened flames. Venus in Aries Rx is testing you: is this worth a trip down memory lane ? You may remember why it didn’t work in the first place. Reopening those old wounds occur much more easily under the Rx influence. Old flings are calling and impulsive Aries drives you to scratch that itch. This Cardinal sign highlights the need to put yourself first: the question of ‘what do I need?’ can be best answered now. Those with a Sun sign and/or Venus sign in Aries and/or Libra will feel the most heat under not just the Venus in Aries transit but the retrograde as well.

Venus only goes retrograde once every 17-18th months so this is definitely a major astral event to be taken seriously.
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