April 15th, 2013: Venus in Taurus

Venus in Taurus ( Image Courtesy of Google)

Venus in Taurus ( Image Courtesy of Google)


Venus will leave Aries to transition into Taurus on April 15th. As a Cardinal and Fire sign, Aries had no problem taking our romantic lives by the reins to get us what we wanted. Our attention may not have been on one partner/love interest but on several….simultaneously [yes, very spicy!]. With Venus in Aries, our love styles followed the “catch me if you can” premise: not really interested in all-encompassing, intense emotional connections, we sought light and flirty partnerships. Venus is now, however, moving into the Fixed Earth sign of Taurus. Endemic of Fixed signs, Taurus prefers steady and predictable engagements: resistant to frequent change and emotional upsets. And with Taurus alsoclassified as an Earth sign, you can expect that practical displays of affection become significant in our romantic partnerships. Unlike bold Venus in Aries, Venus in Taurus needs subtlety to make a relationship work.

With Venus in Taurus, we seek stability and emotional wellbeing not only specifically from our mates, but in general with our relationships. Stability, security and loyalty are staples with Taurus—radically different from spontaneous, active and unpredictable Aries. Taurus is sympathetic, sensitive and extremely passionate! These folks have no problem becoming “one” with their significant others and we will seek this same deal in our romantic bonds thanks to the influence of Taurus. Excessive jealousy is also a trait of Taurus, and we can expect this theme to permeate in love matters. Along with Libra, Taurus also serves as a “home constellation/sign” of Venus, and it is believed the effects of Venus are amplified as a result. Surrounding ourselves with luxurious and attractive material goods is important; and engaging in activities that stimulate our sensuous side is also heightened. We must all watch for overindulgence, laziness and stubbornness.

In addition to influencing romance, Venus also governs financial matters. This is a wonderful time to place a cap on the outrageous spending that occurred while Venus traveled through Aries. Money flew out of our wallets just as quickly as we earned it during that transit. Practical Taurus is motivated by the acquisition of material possessions and saving for a rainy day. Our outlook on financial matters changes from “saving” to “spending”under Venus’s journey through Taurus. For the next three weeks, review your budget and make the necessary adjustments to get a better handle on your money.

Read for your Sun sign (and Ascendant if you know it) below,  to briefly find how Venus’s passage will impact each sign.

Aries: Venus in Taurus will influence you to revise your relationship values and how you pursue romantic interests. The planet of love is positioned in an area of your chart that governs material possessions, finances and issues related to self-worth, earned debts and attracting wealth. Taurus will work as a stabilizing factor in your financial arena. Aries may be self-indulgent in worldly vices thanks to Venus in Taurus: you’ll feel it necessary to spoil and be spoiled (both financially and sexually). Sensuality is vital to you at the moment. Additionally, any relationship or budget established under this transit has the potential for longevity—you may also be open to solidifying or officiating a relationship you are presently apart of.

Taurus: The pleasures of life come easily to you at this time. In conjunction with the rest of the world acting out your “love style”, you feel comfortable and confident in love matters yourself. During this transit, you are expressive, sensual and the worldly pleasures you’re accustomed to will flow naturally. Surrounding yourself with beauty, indulging in vices and social activities are favored for you now. It’s easy to flirt —and be flirted with—while Venus is in your sign. Others are drawn to your presence and enjoy being around you. Let your hair down, expose your vulnerable side and watch the suitors come marching in.

Venus in Taurus ( Image Courtesy of Google)

Venus in Taurus ( Image Courtesy of Google)


Gemini: Any romantic partnership you establish at this time will be wrapped in secrecy. This “behind closed doors” liaison is primarily to avoid stirring up controversy, or the affair itself may be frowned upon by friends, family and colleagues. This relationship will be confusing, just as it will provide emotional excitement to you. Unfortunately, you may find yourself backtracking in some essence (either by dating the same type of mate; going over the same issues regarding communication/finances or something similar; or reducing standards because of the fear of being lonely). Some Geminis, however, may be closing the final chapter on a love matter/partner. You may experience an epiphany regarding a specific relationship and make decisions that will dramatically change the manner in which you interact with that individual. Right now, Venus is occupying the portion of your chart that governs hidden information/secrets as well as endings and enlightenment. You may find that looking at yourself in the mirror will reveal a lot about the method in which you chase romance. Online romantic interactions, blind dates or secret affairs are likely at this time.

Cancer: Venus in Taurus spotlights associations, camaraderies, committees and group activities. Any relationship you seek now will come with an air of detachment. You are focused on friendships right now—and any relationship formed (or solidified) under this transit must have that basis, otherwise you are out the door. You want to make sure that your romantic interest is friend material before taking the plunge into something deeper. If you are presently engaged in a romantic relationship, you may review how much of a friend your spouse has been to you: effective listening, compassion and understanding are traits you need right now. Passions may cool as you take the time to ensure the two of you are sharing similar goals and moving in the same direction. Shared laughter, cooperation and progression are important to you at this time. You may also be interested in using your friends as a sounding board regarding projects or relationship concerns.

Leo: At this time, Venus is activating a part of your chart that shines light on your career and all things professional. As a result, unfortunately, your love life may take a temporary backseat to making money. Instead of date nights for the next three weeks, you may be spending more time at work or bringing “the office home every night.”  Taurus can offer a great deal of stability to career goals. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself picking up more hours, spending more time reviewing contracts & business deals or perhaps increasing the amount of conference calls. But because Venus also governs romance along with your finances, you are inclined to search for romantic activities that enhance or reinforce security. This can be done by taking care of bills or unexpected expenses (especially if you and your mate share a residence). Flings, fly-by-night encounters or one night stands do not appeal to you now. You are only interested in settled, stable partnerships.

Virgo: Venus is transiting the portion of your chart that governs long distance travels, ethics, philosophy and the usage of your “higher mind.” You may find that you attract (and keep) a partner while engaged in activities that encourage mental development: schools, lectures, seminars, rallies and vacations may be hotspots for you to snag a partner—-or perhaps enhance a relationship you are presently a part of. Call it a “meeting of the minds” that entices you to move forward in a relationship. Or, it could be that you are looking to share intellectual activities with a mate (including traveling far distances. Road trip, anyone ?). Right now, Virgo is exciting, brave, tolerant and optimistic about matters of the heart. Positivity and bravery are traits you’re full of at this time. Watch for possessiveness and jealousy as it may rear its ugly head while Venus moves through Earth sibling Taurus.

Libra: Love matters for the next four weeks will take an intense and drastic turn for you. Venus in Taurus calls for deep and intimate bonding. Your primary focus during this transit will be to secure a steamy and consuming partnership. With Venus in this constellation, you are feeling more vulnerable emotionally/romantically and are obsessed with finding a partner who can understand those needs. You feel sexually empowered and want to express that. Power struggles, control issues and thoughts surrounding intimacy are overwhelming. Now remember, both Taurus and Libra are ruled by the planet Venus—and with Venus in a partner sign, this can work in extremes  for you. Either the Venus in Taurus transit will make you immensely irresistible to your (potential)mate, or you’ll be prone to jealous tantrums. Find balance.


Scorpio: With Venus in your polar opposite, you’ll need to reconfigure your thoughts surrounding “soulmates” and ideas about the perfect romantic relationship. The balance that needs to be struck between Taurus-Scorpio includes exchange: inclusion and exclusion. Although Taurus and Scorpio are an Earth and Water mix, they are both Fixed signs. As such, both are stubborn, willful, determined and preservationists at heart. While Venus transits Taurus, this is a distinct need to reshape concepts regarding relationship security (thanks to Taurus) and relationship transformations (thanks to Scorpio).  Scorpio is intense, as always, but this indeed a time for cooperation. You are ready for a harmonious partnership and this will become apparent in your actions. You must watch for “score keeping” in a romantic bond or potential partnerships. This is a wonderful time to refine those compromising skills you rarely exhibit.


Sagtittarius: You have a good mind to ground and stabilize your closest relationships while the planet of love, Venus, moves through practical Taurus. Taurus and Sagittarius have very little in common, however, much can be learned from one another. Venus in Taurus can guide Sagittarius to remind your current (or hopeful) lover that you can be realistic and reliable about plans you’ve established. You are looking for ways to improve yourself both romantically and emotionally. Any relationship that you officiate at this time has the potential for longevity—but a great deal of pain and sacrifice is required. Your romantic relationships in recent months have been unequal: someone has been giving more to you than what you’ve been giving to them. Between April 15th-May 9th, any blossoming romance must be held behind closed curtains until it is safe to reveal. Your work ethic and level of reliability is on display and will be judged closely by your partner.

Capricorn: Recreational and leisure activities are significant during this period for you. With Venus journeying through a sibling Earth sign, your desire to settle down is affecting your interaction with those closest to you. The best way to reaffirm a relationship (or even start a new one) is to get out and be seen. Venus in Taurus is shining a light on your entertainment sector and while in this position on your chart, FUN is highlighted. You feel daring, explosive, seductive and you are ready to expose your wild side. Ideals about romance, creativity and children will be reformed. You are anxious to express yourself artistically and this will appeal greatly to your lover. If you are not currently seeing someone, then it is possible that Venus in Taurus can help you attract someone through shared creative interests: singing, dancing, fashion, etc.


Aquarius: Venus in Taurus offers maturity and devotion to your current relationship. The sector of your chart Venus is cruising through leads you to adopt a nurturing, domestic role and focus attention to your household. The desire to make your home safe, secure and romantic environment. As a fellow Fixed sign, Taurus offers stability and the security to be exactly whoever it is you want to be in your relationship. This is an emotionally charged period for you: settling down into a routine normally gives you jitters, but it is welcomed now. Your unusually inquisitive mind relaxes–you’re emotionally expressive in word and deed. Your partner will greatly appreciate this sentimental, affectionate period as you morph into the “perfect mate”—although, for an Aquarius, imperfection is indeed perfection. Spending more time at your nest, or in familiar places, can excite you. Your relationship may shake off its wild wings for now, and you’ll enjoy the quiet hum of home.

Pisces: The next three weeks of your love life will reveal understanding through communication. You are very much willing to talk out any concerns with your mate and their level of reception will reveal whether or not you should continue to play for keeps. Venus in Taurus is touching the area of your chart governing verbal exchanges, coversations, electronics, transportation and travel of short distances. You may be spending alot of time talking with a lover via the phone/text messages/Skype or some other unconventional method of communicating. There is, however, a possibility that you and a mate may discuss a short road trip–or field trip around the city–as this sector also rules transportation. This is a great time to get something off your chest–whether good or bad–if you’ve been harboring those feelings. With Venus in your cousin Earth sign, Taurus encourages you to stand firm and stand up for what you believe in. Not for the arrangement someone else would like you to agree with.